The EDi brand of products ensures you are purchasing products that are designed and manufactured to meet the quality assurance and control standards established by an in-house engineering team at our Canadian & USA facilities. 

EDi has revolutionized the Floating Ball Valve with our new Patented Progressive Seal Technology™ design.                Click on our EDi Floating Ball Valve pages below for details.

Check Valves

EDi offers various types of Check Valves for an assortment of positive backflow prevention applications. Our flanged API 6D Piggable Check Valve comes in both carbon steel and low temp carbon steel bodies. Threaded Check Valves come in either carbon steel or ductile iron. We even offer a variety of body and trim options in our Wafer and Piston Check Valves.

We also carry API 6A Swing Checks for the Wellhead and Manifold segment of the Oil & Gas industry.

EDi line of Check Valves includes:

  • API 6D Flanged Full Port Piggable Swing Check

  • Threaded End

  • Wafer Check

  • Piston Check

  • API 6A Wellhead Swing Check

  • ViNtrol Brand check valves stock Edmonton warehouse

  • Emkade also has stock on ViNtrol Floating & Trunnion Valves


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